Dhashvir Lalla

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My Day Job

I create online casino games.

I am an expert in Javascript knowing advance techniques such as closures, hoisting and Javascript patterns. I am experienced working on cross-browser mobile (Android, iOS, Windows) web development. I am knowledgeable with new features of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. Javascript libraries that I frequently use are JQuery, Greensock's TweenMax, Facebooks' ReactJS, RequreJS, LoDash.

I have created the first Android Wear Casino game using the Wearables API. I am currently working on Apple Watchkit Apps.

In My Spare time

I am an Android indie developer. I have a few applications and games on the Google Play Store. I like to play around with new technologies.







Web Portfolio

Burning Desire
High Society
Mega Moolah
Reel Thunder

Thunderstruck II
Game of Thrones

Android Portfolio


A simple notepad application that uses quickaction menus. More...

Cannon Blast

This is an easy to play and fun game. Use the mounted cannon to destroy the targets. More...

Easy Random Number Generator

Easily generate a random number or a list of random numbers. More...


Mastermind also known as code-breaker is a puzzle solving game. More...

Peg Solitaire

The classic Peg (Marble) Solitaire game. More...

Randax Password Generator

An easy to use password generator. More...

UKZN Timetable

A simple app that allows you to store your UKZN lecture time table. More...

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